2024-03-27: News Headlines

presstv.ir (2024-03-27). US, S Korean troops stage wargames days after Pyongyang fires multiple rockets. presstv.ir South Korean and US troops hold joint drills.

csmonitor.com (2024-03-27). NBC sought a conservative voice. But its employees didn't want Ronna McDanielNBC News cut ties March 26 with former Republican National Committee chief Ronna McDaniel less than a week after hiring her as an on-air political contributor, a decision that followed a furious protest by some of its journalists and commentators.

Comment: This story shows how American MSM that only serves both Dems and Repubs has gotten stupider from year-to-year.

aa.com.tr (2024-03-27). Top UN court likely to issue tough decision against Israel for ongoing attacks on Gaza The world court will rule on the requested additional measures in the coming days, which may include criticism of Israel as well as requests for additional monitoring reports, according to the KAN broadcaster report.

newcoldwar.org (2024-03-27). Hezbollah retaliates against Israeli atrocities in Gaza with strikes on military bases Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement has conducted multiple operations against Israeli military outposts in the northern part of the 1948 occupied territories, expressing its unwavering support for Palestinians in Gaza amid a genocidal war.

ca.news.yahoo.com (2024-03-27). Palestinians drown trying to reach Gaza aid air-dropped by US into seaThe Pentagon confirmed that three of the 18 packages it air-dropped on Monday had parachute malfunctions and fell into the water just off the coast of the Strip. However, US officials did not confirm if any Gazans were killed while trying to reach the aid.

firstpost.com (2024-03-27). Teens in Gaza hoping to be killed to end their "nightmare" : UN – Firstpost A spokesman for the UN children's agency said on Tuesday that the situation in the war-torn Gaza is so bad that teens are increasingly expressing their desire to be quickly murdered in order to end the "nightmare".
  "The unspeakable is regularly said in Gaza," said James Elder, spokesman for the United Nations children's agency UNICEF.

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