2023-04-27: News Headlines

_____ (2023-04-27). New tensions on the Korean Peninsula: who is to blame? journal-neo.org This spring on the Korean Peninsula has been hot so far. The United Nations Security Council held a meeting on the North Korean issue at the end of March, at the request of the United States and its allies. The reason was another missile launch carried out by Pyongyang on March 16. The US condemned […] | –°–æ–æ–±—â–µ–Ω–∏–µ

channelnewsasia (2023-04-27). US plans rare nuclear missile submarine visit in message to North Korea. channelnewsasia.com

_____ (2023-04-26). An Azerbaijani named Ashot, or a little more on how the North Korean arms trade in the Russian Federation is proven. journal-neo.org

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